Colour Everywhere

I spent the weekend at a beautiful workshop using colour as therapy… if I end up facilitating groups in corporates as part of my work I will definitely incorporate something known as Colour Dialog… in essence several of you work together on the creation of a picture without using words or commentary (at least during the process)… magically an amazing piece of art emerges at the end and the dynamic of the group is instantly visible and active and then you create your own piece of colour 🙂 …loved it… I am a delighted user of charlatans (and I use this term in the most loving way) but have never done any aura-soma and have been vigilant here not to get enthralled with South African charlatans… but am now splashing myself in a bottle of purple and blue which deals with my grief and here’s the kicker … it is also about allowing the unexpected to enter your life… and with that I am off to see the doyen of aura-soma work in Cape Town next week… amazing how I unconsciously search for charlatans even when not looking…

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