A lunch with a Nobel Prize winner

It is not often I sit in the presence of a Nobel Peace Prize winner… but today I was invited to the 100 club – a group of well-heeled and influential women in Cape Town set up to support multiple not-for-profits as well as the establishment of a bursary fund to support disadvantaged women with their tertiary qualifications… the speaker was FW de Klerk a co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize with Nelson Mandela and the last President of the old Apartheid regime… he spoke eloquently about all the amazing and sometimes miraculous things that shape South Africa today and of course spoke too about the things that are worrying here… the things that need to be vigilantly opposed like a constitution based on race and creed… and I wondered how a man who was so instrumental in allowing the old South Africa to transition with grace and calm to the new South Africa reconciles at a psychological level the issues of race and all that apartheid stood for with who he is today – a man of great international standing and insight… how far things have come… and my table was so interesting – a group of diverse women – a couple from Chile and Italy, an investment banker, my architect friend, an entrepreneur… a beautiful snapshot of interesting and independent women here at the tip of a Africa…

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