Western Cape Beauty

I went to Grant’s farm this weekend – a slice of moonlike heaven about two hours northwest of Cape Town… it is high up in the mountains this working organic farm with an essential oil distillery and conservation work with the fragile fynbos (the beautiful indigenous flora)… We mostly stayed attached to the roaring fire and ate and read and occasionally walked… He did make me clamber up giant size rocks (I am no mountain goat) and crawl on my hands and knees into a cave with bats (this played to my strong suit of claustrophobia and tiny rodent-birds flying dangerously close to my mop of hair)… that tiny opening in the rock is what I had to squeeze my wheezing body through… there are also San rock paintings that are over 300 years old… and this one was an astonishing painting of a galleon… a moment of history marking early colonisation… as Grant says he’s not really the owner, more the custodian of his land and there is a sense while you’re there that this amazing ecosystem is made up of layers of history…

4 thoughts on “Western Cape Beauty

  1. Merleeee,
    Look at you crawling into caves, climbing rocks and still…looking absolutly fabulous and glowing with delight. Kim

  2. Ola loos! Just caught up on a bag of blogs – it really does read like an inspirational journey! And what fun you have along the way – may it last for ever! x your cape town buddy

    • I know it sounds dreadfully contrived but I do feel this enormous amount of gratitude for this time – I am essentially fascinated by my navel and could gaze forever… and if along the way it has moments of inspiration I am delighted… xxx

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