How I make a decision (not)

I have this deep envy for those who decide on a course of action, embrace it and stride meaningfully towards it… I on the other hand find decision-making near impossible… Before I go to sleep I ask the universe to give me a sign – the long-suffering universe promptly ignores me… then during my yoga practice I ask for a sign because I’m confused – does surviving the yoga class constitute a sign I wonder… I then happily ask 10 friends who have 10 different answers (and the occasional one refuses to take my call because they know they are going to be sucked into my decision-making process)… so then we’re back to imploring the universe… I am coming to realise that all I can do is take one step at a time and trust that in each moment the next one becomes visible… so no, I am no closer to making any decisions and finally I have accepted that the universe is exhausted from my demands and that all I can do is trust and be guided by my intuition in my elusive decision-making quest…

2 thoughts on “How I make a decision (not)

  1. Come on, you of all people.. decided to stop corporate work and begin this journey of your life. I’m sure THAT was not easy and you did it yourself! (although having said that I dont know how many friends helped you make that decision) 🙂

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