A frenetic weekend

I feel like I just emerged from my frenetically busy weekend… parts of it were surreal… parts were a revisit to my teenage years… parts to my childhood and parts to this adult woman… A delicious dinner on Friday night and bumping into someone I haven’t seen since he left Sydney almost a decade ago… and then the birthday party on Saturday night was themed as an elegant affair and to begin with I guess I was in my way and I managed to believe I was a teen again and could consume Cosmopolitans and Mojitos and Tequila shots with abandon and was of course less elegant at 3 in the morning… so when I finally emerged on Sunday morning my generous host peacefully filled me with tea and rusks and gentle yet extraordinarily deep conversation… And then it was back to my childhood..I had planned to visit the cemetery yesterday to place crystals on the graves of relatives who have passed… so when we arrived I wondered if my slightly fragile and dishevelled state was appropriate… It was actually an incredibly moving time – to walk amongst the gravestones and realise that these uncles and aunts who I had loved very dearly and had played important roles in my life were no longer walking among us… it felt very meaningful to honour each of them and to spend time at the cemetery… and then (as I said it was surreal) I flew from there to have sundowners (read mineral water with lime juice) in Camps Bay on a beautifully tranquil Cape winter day with visitors from Joburg…

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