Letting go of taproots

As I get ready to leave what has been my home for 2 months and move to the Atlantic seaboard for a few weeks before I return to Sydney… I feel sad… as this home has been so beautiful and gentle for me… I felt immediately like I lived here… I had a rhythm and tempo that suited me and the house well… and as always I like to do things in soft steps… so I am moving to an apartment that doesn’t feel like home but does have a beautiful view onto the Atlantic… and then I will be “homeless” for a week or so as I take a roadtrip into the interior… a step-by-step excavation from Cape Town so that by the time I board my flight I won’t feel disembowelled… I have another visitor arriving from Sydney this evening so we will both discover the Atlantic seaboard and will walk on the promenade daily and inhale the blustery Atlantic… The truth is I am probably saddest to say goodbye to Madagascar… a hairy beast of a dog that has grown to love my biltong titbits and lies quietly at my feet while I sit here at my desk… in reality I think when she gazes at me she thinks I’m her sister… we are both a bit windswept and on the edge of dreadlocks at the moment… The fascinating thing for me is that I am walking lighter without the usual need to put down instant roots and continue to embrace my ongoing adventure…

4 thoughts on “Letting go of taproots

  1. I’ve just arrived back after a week in New York and will go again this weekend for 5 days! My intense travel these past weeks is opposite to your adventures – which is why I love hearing your news and imagining what light steps and new homes feels like. x

    • The truth is I have loads of space – not always easy and there are moments of fear without the structure and busyness of corporate life… Let’s hope the lightness continues on my return home 🙂

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