I left my gentle little cottage in the City Bowl… and moved to Sea Point… it is like I have moved countries without a visa… The apartment is beautiful and newly renovated and has views out to the Atlantic… the tenants however are the most intrusive old busybodies ever… several of them were waiting outside when we arrived… they leaped on me – who am I, where am I staying, where am I from, how long will I be here, why am I parking in this spot… I was waiting for them to demand details of my parents, schooling and university qualifications…oh and the lift wasnt working… by the time we returned from a glorious promenade along the ocean on an unseasonally hot day we found both lifts broken… perhaps my thighs will be toned beautifully by the time I leave the Atlantic circus – perhaps that will give them something to chatter about 🙂

2 thoughts on “Culture-Shock

  1. Heartwarming to read your musings and very pleased for those of us in the Antipodes that you are heading back…some how I imagined that you would abandon us…very pleased that this is not the case !!

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