Cheetahs and Ugg Boots

I do love having visitors from Australia because I end up doing loads of wonderful touristy things… on Wednesday night I was in the mountains outside Robertson showing my fire-making skills which I have honed magnificently since I’ve been here (actually I could barely light a candle before I arrived in Cape Town)… last night I was a princess in a magnificent tented lodge in the Karoo eating gourmet meals and slurping local wines… the cherry on the top was the most astonishing game drive… just four of us in the icy wind set off to look for white lions… instead we found three cheetahs up on a ridge and Solomon, our game ranger, took us walking in single file to meet them… the other three in hiking shoes and me in ugg boots… I sort of figured they go from 0 to 90 kms in 2 seconds and I could probably stumble from 0 to 5 kms in 10 mins… easy pickings really… they watched us intently as we climbed up the hill and then sort of kept a nonchalant eye on us… we were almost close enough to stroke them… in all my visits to gameparks this must surely rate as the most extraordinary…

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