Allow for the Unexpected

This is one of the key themes for me of this trip to Cape Town … not to expect but to allow for the possibility… welcome in the unexpected…the mesmerising trip into the bush was nature’s way of again proving this point…So after the cheetahs I just inhaled the magnificent Karoo scenery and didn’t really care if we saw anything… it was so bitterly cold that although I was dressed in 7 or 8 layers I felt like I was being sandblasted with ice and was just happy that I survived every game drive… yesterday just before we left we expected nothing… in fact there was nothing to see… barely a springbok… until magically we watched from close quarters a white lionness pad her way back from a kill to fetch her cubs from hiding… truly exhilarating and unexpected… And so as I come towards the last part of my sojourn at the tip of Africa I will try and remain as present and as open to the unexpected as I can… a lesson I hope I take home to Oz with me…

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