No connectivity

Yesterday was one of those days – I had no connectivity – figured it was my Apple… toddled off to the fix-it shop… to be told it was my wifi at the apartment (which is still not working)… lost my phone (and then realised I had left it snuggled in the sofa at the fix-it man)and had to dash back in the traffic to retrieve… went to collect data on one of my coaching clients and in a country of the most anarchic dodgem-car drivers I managed to get a parking fine… now I was really about to weep… Oh and most of my meetings were cancelled or postponed… I figured I should go and hide under my bed but it was my houseguest’s last day in South Africa so hiding was not an option… hopefully tomorrow will be gentler 🙂

2 thoughts on “No connectivity

    • Absolutely… I am as you can imagine a little confused… do i support the handsome Crusaders or the hometeam… there has been a plea for the locals to support the Stormers…. traditionally the All Blacks were supported through Apartheid… and it has kind of lingered in some parts of the coloured community! And Sonny Bill Williams is a hero here too 🙂 (not just mine)

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