Cape Town Drivers

At the risk of alienating all my Capetonian friends (and given I learned my driving skills here I feel able to comment)… this city must be home to some of the worst drivers in the world… it appears to be a cross between dodgem cars and dressage for motor vehicles (they often seem to dance unexpectedly across several lanes)… this lethal mix is interlaced with a total disregard for traffic rules, everyone is on their mobile phones and a frenzied desire for speed… When you set forth in your car with all the obedience of a well-behaved Australian you are met by anarchists behind the wheel – and these said wheels range from maseratis and mercedes to stone-dead-stuck-together-with-masking-tape mangled moving things… And then they wonder why the death toll is appallingly high – I think in December last year it was something like 1000 deaths!

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