A mountain hike

I know I am supposed to be creating my work content and sharing news on all my fabulous ideas for curve of the world… and all I seem to do is wax lyrical about the physical beauty of Cape Town.. so here goes again… I have been pleading with Neil to take me up the mountain, he being a mountain aficionado and all… so yesterday we did walk up to the most beautiful vantage point… although I have no evidence of this as I left the iphone at home because there have been regular muggings on the mountain and my physical safety seemed less important than my telephone and its apps :-)… Neil is fabulously kind… he walked slowly behind me in case I fell over I guess… didn’t whinge at how deathly slow I was… and when I finally sweated my way to the lookout… he offered me water (he carried everything in his backpack and I figured if I was really exhausted he would probably carry me too)… and out of his backpack emerged a bottle of champagne… so we sat gazing at the spectacular views from the city bowl to the atlantic seaboard and sipped champagne on a winter’s day in the mother city…

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