Okay I have bored you to tears with how beautiful it is…

And now that I have your attention… we climbed up to the beautiful vantage point on Table Mountain in unseasonably hot weather – me sweating like a Bikram class… and gazed mesmerised at the 360 degree view… and then drove at breakneck speed to Bakoven – I was convinced that Neil would kill a small pedestrian rather than miss the opportunity to chill and watch the sunset and of course slurp bubbles… I am now half expecting to see green rays leaping out of a setting sun… I am not sure if it was the bubbles or the panic that had now subsided from the hair-raising drive but I think I saw a green smudge (not sure if that is a green ray exactly)… what a magical way to end my sojourn on the Atlantic Seaboard… am now trying to have a few days of healthy living (read no alcohol and chocolate – this may prove my undoing)… and not sure I will stay the three days… I feel like I am in a boarding school and I am already dreaming of shiraz…

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