I do love a good spa

So I snuck out of Cape Town for a couple days to a spa (I know like I needed to relax anymore)… the problem is this is not a good spa… it feels locked in the 70s and has an ancient and unkempt air about it and even the gowns have passed their use-by-date… but there are some interesting people and I have been reading a fabulously wordy book – The Privileges by Johathan Dee… I had to share with you my Cocoon wrap from this afternoon… the tiniest therapist – she couldn’t have been more than 4 feet high covered me in salt and began to sandpaper my body like she was preparing me for polyfilla and painting… I screamed out in pain but this seemed to make the tiny creature injure me more… when we finished with the removal of my top layer of skin (and several others as well) I was thrown into a murky blue bath of hot water and nursed my wounds for 10 minutes… I was finished off like poached chicken – slathered in oil and a mask and then wrapped in cling-wrap for 15 minutes… I thought she may bring in a broiler just to finish me off… I escaped and escape formally tomorrow to a world of shiraz, samoosas, chocolate and final farewells…

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