Just emerging from jetlag, still a little dishevelled and fragile… the bubble of joyous abandon has burst and now the reality of not having formal employment and what my next step is has already begun to fill my thoughts… although I made a promise to myself I would not do anything rash for a month while I found my way back to my life here… I have a theory that when we travel our soul takes way longer than our physical body to arrive and that the general malaise one feels is really the split… It has been a few days of black and white – the things I love about Cape Town are not present here and the things I love about Sydney are not there… I left the anarchy and wildness of South Africa and arrived back to well-behaved, clean, working Australia… I know I have to go with the flow but I am aching to take a break on the banks on the river and just get my breath back… the next month will be an interesting process…

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