Rugby Tragic

I escaped this morning from my charts and powerpoint presentations and had a meeting with someone on the Northern Beaches at his beautiful home overlooking the ocean… instead of artwork adorning the walls his entire house is a shrine to the Australian rugby team, the Wallabies… I think his wife needs a large shiny medal…

Working Hard

What a peculiar feeling… Working… not small little forgettable bits but sitting at my desk for hours and hours with only limited teabreaks :-)… amazingly I loved the sense of working and getting something pithy done – I am presenting tomorrow to the client… and now feel like I need a holiday after three days of this unfamiliar way 🙂

Still here

No I haven’t disappeared off the face of the earth… just was struggling to blog even though I think this process is about blogging even when you don’t want to. I have realised quite dramatically that it is very difficult to market oneself if you are not brimming with self-confidence and a good dose of enriched ego… Despite having been in marketing for most of my working life I am finding the process of getting myself “out there” extremely challenging… I am thinking magically that if I just “hope”, then business for Curve of the World will miraculously walk through the door…I am learning that you do need to be out in the world networking… At least I have the start of some collateral finally coming together that Michele has designed beautifully for me and my new business cards are in production too 🙂

Patterns and metaphors

I do love a good pattern… A few days ago a lightbulb above the mirror in my bathroom didn’t just blow…. it exploded and blew its entire being out of the socket and smashed in a million hot pieces against the wall in the shower… luckily I was standing outside watching with amazement… number one…. number two… I had someone over for dinner last night… roared in to the house late… and threw an orange and lemon pudding together in the blender… no sooner speeding along it exploded… not the pudding but the mixer with smoke (no flames but the hint of a blaze…)… and number three… not electrical but oh so sad… my beautiful amethyst ring from Bali that I have worn for the last year with such delight fell out of its casing yesterday on the way to one my worst meetings since I left corporate world… So my question is does this mean anything or are these just random moments.. is there a pattern or a message or even better a metaphor I’m missing?

A soulful injection

Funny how my two home-cities Sydney and Cape Town are both beautiful, a little shiny, sometimes a little frivolous and perhaps even a smidgen self-absorbed at times… so it was uplifting last night that I was invited to attend a session on Mobilising Communities and Citizens put on by the City of Sydney… a huge spiritual injection with presenters from an assortment of passionate NGOs including the life-affirming Get Up and the young founder of Australian Youth Climate Coalition, Anna Rose… and all of this in the beautiful Angel Place Recital Hall…a big thank you to my host for the invitation…

In case we forget

Perched on heels I teetered gently through the city… what is special about this time is I am not in a constant and formidable rush from one thing to the next… I was early for one meeting so I wandered through Martin Place where loads of mainly old men covered in medals attended a ceremony to mark the end of WW II in the Pacific… I arrived just as they played the haunting melody of “Lest we forget”… which I guess I and many others do all the time… there is a beautiful name for this day in Japan… “The day for mourning of war dead and praying for peace”… I guess we need to do a whole lot more of the latter…

Heels or Yoga?

8 months into this new life my feet are more used to being in downward dog and not upward corporate mobility and they struggle to crush themselves into high heels… this cruel process is actually a signal to my brain that I am being professional and that I am making every effort to be in work mode… Without the heels I feel like I should be going to yoga in Ugg boots.. And tomorrow is a day of appointments in the city and I shall be perched and hobbling from meeting to meeting 🙂 but probably not in a Kobi Levi creation… although if truth be told I wish I did have a magical Alice-in-Wonderland pair…