Lessons from a feline being

Reflecting back on this week I am struck by two things – process and surrender. Early in the week when I thought that Issy would need to be put to sleep I wept from some deep primal place and when I finally returned to my yoga practice I found I moved with the greatest ease, flexibility and contentment that I have ever experienced in class – it was as if the tears had cleansed many well-entrenched feelings and fears that I have refused to process… and this whole week has been about acknowledging how special he has been in my life and importantly about giving him permission to go when he is ready… As I professionally and personally babble on about the importance of processing stuff and surrendering to life this week has seen me actually living what that means and it has been quite different from the cerebral stuff… So whether Issy is here for a week or a year he has shown me a very adult way of navigation.

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