Patterns and metaphors

I do love a good pattern… A few days ago a lightbulb above the mirror in my bathroom didn’t just blow…. it exploded and blew its entire being out of the socket and smashed in a million hot pieces against the wall in the shower… luckily I was standing outside watching with amazement… number one…. number two… I had someone over for dinner last night… roared in to the house late… and threw an orange and lemon pudding together in the blender… no sooner speeding along it exploded… not the pudding but the mixer with smoke (no flames but the hint of a blaze…)… and number three… not electrical but oh so sad… my beautiful amethyst ring from Bali that I have worn for the last year with such delight fell out of its casing yesterday on the way to one my worst meetings since I left corporate world… So my question is does this mean anything or are these just random moments.. is there a pattern or a message or even better a metaphor I’m missing?

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