Raw and Yummy

On the weekend I went to a Raw Food cookery course… yes I hear you squawk… raw doesn’t cook… I know but it was yummy all the same… my sister is waiting for my arrival in NZ with trepidation and has taken to boiling everything in fear I will bring in draconian laws of eating everything in its raw state… 🙂 I am just keen to increase the level of greens and fruit in my diet in their raw and nutrient-rich state which makes sense to me… and no I haven’t leapt over the fence into vegan-land… but I did manage yesterday to dry a mountain of fruit (and consume most of it)… so as usual I have taken to something new with vigour and passion although I suspect the drying machine like my ice-cream maker may have a limited time living in the kitchen… but for now I shall brim with delicious raw food ideas….

Spring Equinox

The equinox is a beautiful metaphor of presence and present – that night and day are both equal and you neither have to hang onto the past or flee into the future (the former being my fave)… you need just be present to this moment…and so spring and all its transformative and life-giving powers are here in the southern hemisphere and I too feel that my wheels are no longer spinning on the spot but rather I have a glimpse of the direction towards which I am traveling… and in talking to my sister this morning I said how at times like these I miss my father deeply and how he would listen and provide positive and supportive input and make me feel like I was on the right path… and there perched on the jasmine was the most beautiful butterfly (for me a symbol that my dad’s spirit is close by) 🙂

Let expectations go

On this journey I am struck by the fact that those I expected to be supportive and helpful and door-opening have for the most part been underwhelming… I know there is some magical thinking that I had given over my future career opportunities to others but at the least I hoped that in some way they would be involved in shaping the next phase of my career… and then from least expected quarters there are people that have been amazingly generous with their time and energy and introductions… I trust I am learning about what it takes to really be present to someone’s journey and to offer as best I can when that opportunity presents… I had a meeting in the city this morning with one of the unexpected generous souls who has been an enormous supporter this year and we went to a little coffee bar in the alleyway behind Angel Place… and there strung from the heavens is this beautiful installation of birdcages hanging from wires strung between the buildings with piped birdsong to envelop you… expect the unexpected, allow for creativity and celebrate generosity…

The Big Purchase

A friend of mine told me to embrace prosperity and abundance and that I was not to consider for one moment a second-hand car… and as I usually listen extremely attentively to her advice… I did just that…so today I went to the Audi dealer… test drove a few of the cars… decided I definitely loved the smallest two-door-brand-spanking-new-gleaming black one… thought about it for a lengthy and considered 2 minutes and bought it… yes, I in the ranks of the unemployed bought a cute-as-a-button Audi A1 which is now going to journey up from Melbourne to its new in-debt mistress… have I lost all my marbles I wonder? Probably I hear you scream!

A little process for today

I stumbled on one of my gazillion notebooks that I start with gusto and let slide into half-written forgotten things… and here is a pearl that I have started today – again with gusto… It is from 2007 – No idea what I was doing or who shared this with me but I love it… On a daily basis, write by hand: “My Life as it is, is a Precious Gift”… Gratitude and Appreciation – the things I continue to wrestle with 🙂

Generosity of Spirit

Part of this journey are the roundabout of coffees and lunches that I have and I am always amazed and delighted that many of the people I meet give me their time and share their energy and provide suggestions and introductions to others… Today was a series of such meetings mainly with people who are also in the midst of their own journeys of change and transition and their positivity and enthusiasm was infectious and I feel reignited by the possibilities that may await me… I had lunch with a guy I haven’t seen for years and what struck me powerfully is his amazing generosity of spirit and his unconditional support for me – it was really special… I hope I can do the same for others…

A Full Moon in Pisces

Last night there was this magical view from my office of the rising full moon over the cityscape (albeit a grainy photo)… Always on a full moon I contemplate what I need to shed and at the moment the mirror back to me is about letting go of the incessant worry and instead to hold an internal vision, believing in the miraculous and allowing a new order for myself to manifest… And perhaps this is a reminder for many of us… to be vigilant about where we place our attention and to be aware of how we fill our time, how we nourish our minds, how we engage with the world around us…

An admission

It must be in my family genes… but I succumbed to Foxtel (my pay-tv operator) and subscribed to the sports channel for the next couple of months so that I can watch the Rugby World Cup… I don’t know many rules, I support a peculiar array of teams usually based on attractiveness of the players and their outfits, and I manage to cry through all the national anthems… but I figure in honour of my late father who would have been in his element through the World Cup, I would also get involved 🙂