Knowing your weak points

Just to set the scene… a couple of years ago my oven broke and so I wandered into a showroom to check out ovens… they didnt sell ovens but they did renovate kitchens… so there and then I decided not to buy an oven but instead to renovate my kitchen… a mere 50 000 dollar difference… it seems I don’t have a switch to do investigation or weigh up options or take time to consider what makes sense… it is like I get possessed by a demon that makes me decide immediately and have a compulsion to make it happen instantly… This afternoon, I without a job and a friend also without a job, went to the Audi car yard to look at late model trade-ins as both our cars are coming to the end of their time… I felt that same clammy compulsion… I saw the car, I liked the colour (black), I didn’t ask one thing about “extras” and importantly I didn’t actually drive it and yet I thought I might abandon my car and take off in something that costs 50% more than I am prepared to pay… Despite my need for instant gratification I didn’t buy it… thankfully 🙂

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