Let expectations go

On this journey I am struck by the fact that those I expected to be supportive and helpful and door-opening have for the most part been underwhelming… I know there is some magical thinking that I had given over my future career opportunities to others but at the least I hoped that in some way they would be involved in shaping the next phase of my career… and then from least expected quarters there are people that have been amazingly generous with their time and energy and introductions… I trust I am learning about what it takes to really be present to someone’s journey and to offer as best I can when that opportunity presents… I had a meeting in the city this morning with one of the unexpected generous souls who has been an enormous supporter this year and we went to a little coffee bar in the alleyway behind Angel Place… and there strung from the heavens is this beautiful installation of birdcages hanging from wires strung between the buildings with piped birdsong to envelop you… expect the unexpected, allow for creativity and celebrate generosity…

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