Raw and Yummy

On the weekend I went to a Raw Food cookery course… yes I hear you squawk… raw doesn’t cook… I know but it was yummy all the same… my sister is waiting for my arrival in NZ with trepidation and has taken to boiling everything in fear I will bring in draconian laws of eating everything in its raw state… 🙂 I am just keen to increase the level of greens and fruit in my diet in their raw and nutrient-rich state which makes sense to me… and no I haven’t leapt over the fence into vegan-land… but I did manage yesterday to dry a mountain of fruit (and consume most of it)… so as usual I have taken to something new with vigour and passion although I suspect the drying machine like my ice-cream maker may have a limited time living in the kitchen… but for now I shall brim with delicious raw food ideas….

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