Don’t read if you’re a skeptic

So the house without Issy feels incredibly lonely and I seem to rattle about a fair bit… Of course I have quietly begun to look at what sort of cat(s) to replace him with… no sooner had I begun to look than several feline visitors started making their presence known in my house… a large fat one wanting to eat his food… on the weekend the beautiful kitten from next door nonchalantly in my bedroom and then yesterday a friend and I were sitting in my lounge when another kitten, obviously confused, tried flinging herself repeatedly at the closed glass door… this morning I got home to find Issy’s litter box which had been neatly sitting on a shelf for the past 3 weeks lying on the garage floor… just waiting for a new owner… now I know the cats have done this but I like to believe that Issy is making his presence felt through other feline creatures… at least it brings a smile 🙂

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