Patterns and Patterns…

I awoke with a clear view of how to pitch the high level of Curve of the World – my focus on RESILIENCE – it is a lesson I have been learning acutely this year and one which I passionately believe is at the heart of all that we may yet become. For me it has significant relevance in the corporate arena. Resilience is the core of what allows you to thrive no matter what the circumstances… and its real magic is that it is born and strengthened through adversity… So perhaps one of the discoveries of my year has been to see the personal patterns that are reflecting the work I hope to do with individuals and corporates… So now I have put that out into the public domain…

2 thoughts on “Patterns and Patterns…

  1. the psychology of resilience totally fascinates me to Merle. Why do some that face adversity lay down and stay down? and others it fuels them to fight? emotional resilience, i believe is an inherent strength in some CEOs and in others non existent.

    :0) Molly

    • I don’t believe some people have resilience and some don’t – I believe and I think the research shows this we all have the capacity for resilience but I guess like a muscle you need to use it, flex it, and keep it in shape. 🙂

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