Another day, another metaphor

My beautiful niece spent a few days over the weekend with me – and had to suffer my endless search for metaphor in even the most mundane thing… like the last 3 years the bougainvillea and the jasmine have never flowered (the latter has barely grown)… and then suddenly they both burst into full bloom (I am hoping it doesn’t take me 3 years to bloom :-)… We walked along the cliffs from Bondi to Clovelly as they were erecting the Sculptures by the Sea exhibition… a first for me to watch the product coming alive rather than jostling for position with thousands of others to see the finished work… some of the works had miraculously appeared on our return journey… so there was a comfort for me that maybe my work this year has been all around Preparation.. allowing my passion and interests to find a voice, developing my thinking and starting to create and mould a meaningful offering…and more importantly given what I hope to take to market, I have allowed this to be an extraordinarily feminine and right-brain process… so a bit like the bougainvillea perhaps next year my offering breaks into full bloom and flourishes…

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