A prize for the heart

I arrived home yesterday to find the most beautiful bunch of purple orchids on my doorstep… of course my shallow self was so excited by my Christmas surprise… it turned out not to be a Christmas gift at all, but a thank you for introducing two friends in London 3 years ago… I worked with Kim… David was a friend of mine from 1000 years ago … I introduced them with little thought or preparation, but a pressing internal voice told me to make the connection… they fell in love… moved in… and the flowers arrived to herald their recent engagement… how FABULOUS…a fine start to the festive season…

A virtual team

A very generous friend spent a day with me in Melbourne providing me with creative and insightful commentary on the start of my pitch presentation… it is a constant reminder that although I am now far less anxious working alone, I am actually way better, more inspired and provoked to action by working with others… so part of my focus for the year ahead in whatever ends up being my professional path is to continue to build many and varied virtual work relations so that I have a team in a form around me… I see this as my professional life-blood…

Leading women

I am currently creating a presentation focusing on leadership and talent management specifically around women… what is fascinating is that as I research and finalise the content I am struck by what I know intuitively is also reflected in the literature… that we consciously and clearly articulate the need for women at senior levels, for more female CEOs and for greater diversity on boards but our unconscious biases hamper this as we recruit, select, develop and promote our leaders… I guess now more than ever I want to work in this area…

As I come to the end of my Eat, Pray, Love Year

Mostly my EAT year actually… given my cholesterol is at an all-time high…I am now pondering how I complete my blog or change my blog to reflect a far more active professional year in 2012… my brochure is complete, content development is underway, a co-created retreat with my magical yoga teacher, Mel is planned for April… already the year ahead energetically feels quite different to this year…this piece from Walt Whitman resonated deeply with me:

Let that which stood in front go behind,
Let that which was behind advance
to the front

Can’t read another word

As COP 17 negotiations in Durban stumble to an end I can no longer read about, think about or discuss climate change and the baffling responses from governments around the world… whether it is developed nations protecting their industries or developing nations protecting theirs, I just have a profound sense of our loss and our inability to actually do anything… You do have to wonder at which point one of these annual climate change conferences will make a difference… perhaps when the hotel is flooded by rising sea-levels?