Destiny doesn’t have trumpets

No trumpets sound
when the important decisions
of our life are made.
Destiny is made known silently.

Agnes DeMille

It is such a beautiful piece that talks a lot to my ability (or more truthfully my inability) to see new shoots of beginnings and to notice the progress and to celebrate the steps forward… yesterday I showed my new brochure to someone I have only just met and held my breath in anticipation – he loved the brand and the content and said how difficult and lengthy the process is to distill your personal marketing content… And it was a real moment of celebrating a step along the way…

Worrying really is praying for what you don’t want

This morning I had to have root canal on one of my teeth… the fretting and worrying about it meant by the time I got to the endontist I was sweaty-palmed and anxious… the dentist is the gentlest man and after placating me and explaining what he was going to do (not that I heard a word really), I was injected repeatedly and held my breath… and I know the injections haven’t worn off yet but it was fine and I never felt a thing… there is a lesson here about how much wasted energy I spend on worrying about disasters that never eventuate… far better and more thrilling to believe that all is well and to concentrate on opportunities and possibilities…

Another Accreditation

I just finished two days of additional accreditation – this time in the Hogan Assessment which was kindly gifted to me by Peter Berry… So now I feel as I exit this year that I have augmented my coaching and consulting frameworks with several personality inventories, values-based assessments and culture transformation tools… all I need now is my inner sales person who is in hiding and I think may be under witness protection somewhere to appear… so I can stride into 2012 and make Curve of the World a viable business for me… 🙂