Through the serendipitous portal into the new year

2012 is here and usually I feel like I slip over into the next year but this one felt astonishingly present… we said a gentle and conscious goodbye to 2011 and I sat with all the wonderful and meaningful things the year had meant to me (With the last hurrah of my eat, pray love year…of course I ate until I stood still), did my second treasure map, walked Em’s beautiful labyrinth and wanted to glue myself to the enormous magical crystal in the centre, ate some more, slurped bubbles and collapsed into bed… and awoke to a clear beautiful Australian summer day and greeted 2012 with a sense of possibility and serendipity… given I am off to Serendip tomorrow (I only found out yesterday that Sri Lanka was once called Serendip)… I trust this is an oracle of all the magical serendipity that is to be found in 2012 professionally and personally… So to everyone out there an abundant, delicious, sometime-magical and always-healthy new year…

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