A glimpse of paradise

Tropical jungle heat (okay so I did have a heat rash on 80% of my body), yoga twice a day (with our GQ-mag-handsome-fabulous teacher), ayurvedic massages in warm oil (to limit my Vata and Pitta), organic curries and chilli (only adding fuel to my pitta-fire), no electricty or hot water (imagine longing for an outdoor icy jet from a sawn-off pipe), a full moon (that lit the landscape like sunlight), breakfasts of papaya and pineapple dressed with limes (and of course a coconut juice to wash everything down), a lake to swim in (pity a crocodile had come to lay her eggs),

my sarong being day, night and occasional bedwear (why is it I have to shlep 23 kilos wherever I go), bird song, frogs and monkey chatter (and millions of mosquitos and fire-ants), hiking up to monkey rock to witness the sunsets (to meditate on a 360 degree view of this magical landscape)… what more could the hippy within wish for… Ulpotha it was heavenly… a magical way to enter the year… more to follow.

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