Working on marketing materials

Very generously, Bob is helping me to create my website for Curve of the World… and I in return will be teaching a little bit of “yoga for the mature student” (more commonly known as yoga for the unstretched-tight-as-a-drum mature student)… also have my niece helping with images and diagrams for my presentations (we now have to negotiate payment… I think the joy of working with her aunt should be sufficient reward :-)… I even snuck in a brand new replacement ipad… (the disbelieving Apple tech support man thought he’d heard me incorrectly when I explained I hadn’t switched it on for over a year as I didn’t really know what to do with it… but was now filled with excitement at my impending trip to Melbourne next week and wanted to put my presso on the dead thing …. So a very generous Apple replaced it this evening… So a very industrious week…

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