A mirror onto what I want I am hoping to do…

As I continue to think about how I refine my offering and keeping it simple and digestible… I also ponder whether what I want to do really has the legs and the importance for people and organisations… and then something happens and I know so deeply that focusing on the whole person is actually critical for our own resilience and for that of the corporation… so here’s the “something” from yesterday… I spent two pretty gruelling days in Melbourne and finally flopped into a cab late yesterday. As always getting a taxi in Melbourne is difficult and waiting for a cab when I stepped into mine, was a young woman, so I invited her to share the ride to the airport… We ended up chatting about what we do and she listened intently to my story and then recounted that she had been a senior Sales Director with a well-known global online brand for 7 years – knew the business, managed people, was highly successful and managed to work incredibly calmly under pressure… until… a tiny thing brought to her attention on her day off, sparked a massive panic attack… she resigned, went to Bali, did yoga, learned how to breathe… and has a year later just taken a new and exciting job… It was as if I needed a real-life example of a young talented woman whose somatic response actually was the propellant to move her out the company… I’d like to talk that organisation and work out the cost of her departure, impact on her team, loss of IP, etc etc… So Curve of the World is still on track about the Integrated Person… mental, emotional, values and physical… Now all I have to do is continue to breathe deeply.

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