Resilience for wellbeing

My focus both professionally and personally is on Resilience at the moment. I have such a deep sense that at the heart of our emotional, mental and spiritual health sits resilience and our ability to navigate both our internal and external worlds with a level of equilibrium…

In the words of William James (a psychologist from the 1800s who also happened to be the brother of Henry James… so a fairly erudite family)
“The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind.”

Our somatic responses

I struggled initially to work out how I would in a corporate environment position the physical / somatic part my approach to Leadership – here’s the bizarre thing – whenever I bring it up, it’s like the light goes on for the person and they end up recounting tales of what happens to them when they’re anxious or under stress at work… the latest one was a young woman who experiences a fluttering sensation under her arms – for her a sure sign that she is anxious, worried and stressed… she has amazing self awareness and knows to take herself out of the situation if she can, winds her watch and waits until she comes back to a more balanced feeling….maybe it should be I somatically experience, therefore I am….

It’s launched…. Boot&Soul Camp 1 -3 June

The retreat feels like Curve of the World has come of age – it’s real, it’s out there and it’s a public statement about my passions… Mel and I are incredibly excited about the possibilities that Boot & Soul Camp may hold… and a huge THANK YOU to Michele for creating such a beautiful and whimsical piece to capture the essence…now all we need are 12 like-minded women to register….