Stalled not Speed – the bus drive from hell

My frugal ways saw me on the bus at 6.15pm into the city for dinner… the reality is this sounds much harsher for a princess than the reality, which is just two stops and you are in Sussex street in the city… Only this bus was steered by a man I don’t think had either been trained in bus driving and definitely had never managed to drive the incredibly simple distance into the city… we managed in rush hour to cross four lanes of traffic as the travellers screamed at him to avoid going into the cross-city tunnel thereby avoiding the city altogether… I looked around for Keanu Reeves to save us from the loon at the helm of the bus… he then managed to have us hellbent on crossing the harbour bridge again not wanting to actually take us into the urban destination, while the wailing passengers squawked directions at him and once again he had to cross four lanes of heavy traffic to finally take us into the city… the spoof wasn’t yet finished… he managed to stall the bus at the lights on an incline not once but twice and the second time we began rolling down the hill.. thankfully he neither hit nor killed anyone… I fled the bus and downed two drinks rapidly and came home by taxi.

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