if the tiara fits…

One of my archetypes is the Princess… now for those who know me that certainly won’t come as a jaw-dropping surprise… I even have a tiara to prove it… interestingly my physical injuries have a princess-quality about them… on Monday I went for a jog with my trainer – I am a really bad runner and it was cold and not being a gazelle I had this sharp pain in my lower calf… so end of training session and a hobbled home and ignored it… My days are spent in high heels with not a twinge of pain in the calf… finally this morning I stretched flat-footed to retrieve something and jumped in pain… back in high heels, no pain and so I jauntily went off to the physio with an archetypal tale of a princess-like calf injury that allows me to happily perch on heels… unfortunately I have torn my calf muscle and need an ultrasound to find out how bad. In the meantime tiara in hand and stiletto on foot my inner princess continues on her journey…

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