Mary Robinson humbly inspiring

I went to a small gathering last night hosted by 1 Million Women, another inspiring story of grassroots power… The former Irish president and UN Human Rights Commissioner, Mary Robinson presented… she is a true elder in the world – wise, humble, entertaining and deeply humane… The Mary Robinson Foundation for Climate Justice gives a powerful voice to those most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change (usually poor and marginalised people in the developing world). Our sense of what is possible is stimulated and engaged when we meet people who appear to have become all that they might… Mary Robinson seems to be a shining example to us.

Standing up for my work

I recently met someone who reflected that I was apologising for my work and that the work I am doing, is essential and meaningful in the corporate world and that I have to stand up for my work and myself… all True.
So this week another threshold was crossed with me engaged with a senior leadership team and recognising deeply that what I do and importantly how I do it, does have meaning and significance for people…. perhaps this acknowledgement is what she was talking about … standing up for my work publically.