A challenging dance

I talk constantly of engaging both sides of our brain…this beautiful holistic dance between our rational, logical side and our creative, innovative, percolating side… imagine my surprise to find myself scurrying frantically between my analytic, clear-thinking, corporate self – pretty clear expectations from a short contract role with nothing to innovate, nor create… just to do and deliver… and simultaneously preparing for Boot&Soul camp with my innovative and passionate self searching for clear air… not an altogether comfortable process :-).

Mind and Body and Growth

I spoke at a Women in Technology event last week on my current favourite issue the mind/body split. What continues to fascinate me is the number of women who approach me after I present, to share their somatic ailments brought on by corporate stress… I talked in my presentation how I think that yoga and mindfulness played a critical role in allowing me to navigate the demands of a corporate job and then the move into my own business.. and that it continues to offer me a profound way to ground myself, to manage my stress and of course I have included this passion into some of my corporate offerings.. so it is no surprise that yoga is bucking the recession trend … now I just need to see this growth in my Stiletto&Soul and Boot&Soul offerings :-)…

I Wonder…

Just saw “Searching for Sugarman”… I was transported back to my youth in apartheid South Africa… the movie opens with an achingly strong South African accent and these vistas of the magnificent Cape peninsula and the words of that iconic song…” from a blue coin won’t you bring back all those colours to my dreams” … it was as if I was airlifted to my family home listening to that album with headphones 100 years ago…the movie is extraordinary … not just if you ever listened to Rodriguez or or you grew up in the 70s in South Africa… but for me it was such a tale about spirit, magic and transformation and less about what might have been.

An impassioned speech stirs across the globe

Usually I am loath to wade into the political arena… however I have just watched the 15 minute speech our Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, gave yesterday in parliament in which nimbly and brilliantly annihilated the leader of the opposition and his misogynistic and sexist quotes… she did this with poise, composure and cutting brilliance… now she’s making headlines across the globe… described as a “badass” champion of women around the world… Doesn’t matter what you think of her politics, it is worth watching this abbreviated version of her speech… Seems that misogyny and sexism has just had another bright meteor of light shone on it… A warrior woman indeed.

A pitch perfect moment from ms streisand

In the latest Harvard Business Review there is an interview with Barbra Streisand… In response to a question and I quote: “You’ve been described as bossy and demanding. How do you respond to that?”
Her response is fabulous…” Those words would never be applied to a man. I addressed this in a speech years ago, when I said, ‘ A man is commanding; a woman is demanding. A man is forceful; a woman is pushy. He’s assertive; she’s aggressive. He strategizes; she manipulates. He shows leadership; she’s controlling. He’s committed; she’s obsessed. He’s persevering; she’s relentless. A man is a perfectionist; a woman is a pain in the ass.’…”