Physical Patterns

I am getting ready for my trip to the USA… brimming with excitement about my five-day intensive with Jean Houston and my meeting with Carol Pearson… and of course seeing my sister, nephew and Lindley’s space in New Mexico… however I do have something I am wrestling with… each time I have a big journey (physically or metaphorically) I have some fairly dramatic physical “happening”… on leaving my corporate job (no shock here) I got shingles…last year before I headed out for my sojourn in Cape Town I was being tested for an auto-immune illness… just before Sri Lanka I had root canal… the day I drove down to run our first boot&soul camp I had another root canal…(what is it with my teeth!)… and now having experienced a strange pain in my lower right abdomen… I spent much of yesterday at ultrasounds and doctors and discovered that firstly I have ovarian cysts (which I understand are common) and then one of them burst… hence the pain… So as I set out on this journey I am taking with me this contemplation of changing the charge on travel and movement and my body…

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