A heartfelt blessing

I just finished watching the invocation at Obama’s inauguration… a beautiful and lyrical piece by Myrlie Evers-Williams… the first ever woman to deliver the invocation… Her blessing at the end is profound – from the hearts of the collective grandmother: “There’s something within me that holds the reins. There’s something within me that banishes pain. There’s something within me I cannot explain. But all I know, there is something within. There is something within.”

Finally back on air at home


IMG_2987Bedraggled by jetlag and back home after an amazing adventure overseas – a journey that spanned a couple of continents and had a unifying theme of HOME… where we find our internal home and what this looks like… what makes our geographical home our place of contentment… as a migrant I am constantly aware that I have at the very least two homes present in my psyche… and I have a sense that this theme will carry on into the rest of 2013 as my work feels essentially like a return to a sense of home.