Customer Disservice

Welcome to a tale of woe…many of you will have experienced a similar story.  Imagine a very excited me arriving at the airport to a surly airline representative telling me my Air New Zealand flight to the US was cancelled and “no” she had no idea why… I would have to overnight in Auckland and “no” she had no idea as to when I would be on a flight to San Fran… I watched my luggage sail off to luggage hell and made my sad way to the airline’s club… a lovely young woman took me under her wing, got me on Qantas flight via LAX (hideous I know but at least I would arrive in Portland the same day)… and promised she was on the phone to ensure my luggage was put on the new flight… some fabulous work by my travel agent re-routed my flight to Portland… so finally I arrived in hellish LAX and of course my luggage was in its own purgatory … just not in LA… yes lost it was.  An unhelpful client service rep told me to deal with United Airlines when I arrived at my destination and it was not her problem…. So teary-eyed wandered off to wait for 6 hours to catch another flight to Portland… By now I hadn’t slept for what felt like an eternity but I figured this happens and my luggage will be delivered… I filled in the mandatory missing luggage form on arrival at Portland and went to meet my sister and family and felt relieved that all was now “in the system” and my bags would wing their merry way to me the next day… YEH RIGHT.  Since then the debacle has continued unabated… today 5 days after I left Sydney, upwards of 5 hours waiting on hold listening to “fly the friendly skies”, my small backpack arrived… and my case is now closed… one slight problem is I had two pieces of luggage… my itsy bitsy backpack with not much in it and my main large piece of luggage with all my favourite stuff and of course Christmas gifts … which is now LOST and no one has a clue what happened to it and my case is closed and I no longer have missing luggage according to the airline… Thank you to Air NZ for starting the debacle and then taking no responsibility. Thank you to Qantas for making me feel it was my fault using Air NZ in the first place and what did I expect with Air NZ luggage tags.  Thank you to United for being as awful as everyone says you are.