Keep Portland weird and heaving with Hipsters

IMG_6266So I spent a fabulous Memorial Day long weekend with my sister and family in beautiful, hip, extraordinarily quiet Portland… actually sometimes I think I may be the noisiest person in too-cool-for-school-you-can-never-have-enough-tats-nor-shades-of-blue-in-your-hair city of Roses (and “feel the Bern”)… It’s a fabulously, infinitely liveable place.. of course my fam is there so I am biased … but it’s beautiful and easy to get around, yummy food (and delicious boutique beer), cute little neighbourhoods, best coffee in the US,  and more hipsters per square beard… I even snuck into have my hair coloured by a 50s motorbike-enthusiast with skulls peppered up his neck (just a smidge different to my perfectly coiffed hairdresser at home, just a smidge)…


IMG_6250IMG_6252 IMG_6256

IMG_6307 IMG_6269 IMG_6305





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