About Curve of the World

Curve of the World was set up in 1995 as a shelf company after a visit to Broken Hill, NSW, Australia… a town built on the back of the silver rush and original home to one of the global mining giants, BHP (Broken HIll Proprietary)…. don’t worry I am not thinking of entering the mining industry… but 15 years ago I saw the curve of the world as I stood in the Living Desert and watched a setting sun and a full moon rise over the sandstone sculptures… and this rare moment reflected back to me that I should be working with people and that this work is around nurturing potential and allowing the person to flourish so they can become the very best they can be no matter what the vehicle.  Since 1995 I have worked in marketing, set up a Corporate Social Responsibility program for the Australian business and most recently a global role bringing an Environmental Sustainability practice to life.

After leaving corporate life, Curve of the World, or its more “corporate” moniker, COTW, has been my guiding light.  I have worked mainly in the area of culture shift, shining a light on deep leadership and coaching some fascinating individuals.  CotW has had long stints living and working in the USA and more recently a year in Melbourne.

Back in Sydney, CotW is bringing all the elements of my professional life, my education in Psych and my personal passions into a project aimed at women – seasoned professionals and those beautiful early-career young women – looking at how their narratives, stories and archetypes are shifting in the midst of the profound impact of digital disruption and the volatile world in which we live.

Stay Tuned.

3 thoughts on “About Curve of the World

  1. Great blog Merleeeeeee.

    It takes courage to share the way you’re feeling – fear, joy and hope.

    Well done baby.

    Keep strong and happy!

  2. Hello Merle,

    You inspired me when we worked together many years ago and you continue to inspire me today. May your vision and courage inspire others to be their best.

    I look forward to being a regular reader of your blog..

    Lots of love,
    Vicki Zingiris

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