About Merle

After a decision that seemed to take forever, I decided to leave the comfort of my corporate job after 20 years and 6 months to see what else awaits me before I am too ancient… Initially filled with fear and trepidation, I am now less fearful but no clearer about what Curve of the World will ultimately do… I have given myself one year to imagine and create a different professional life.  Like all these things, I have a profound belief that when you enter a portal of change, you may think you are altering one piece, but in actual fact everything comes up for review and change and movement.  And this is the threshold at which I find myself.  And this is the reason for my blog.

So as twists will have it I resurrected my blog while I worked for 6 months in the valley … Silicon Valley and fell in love with the wonderful US of A… and then back to Australia with a year-long stint in Melbourne and finally back at home in Sydney and taking on what promises to be a major project… But here’s my thinking… I have played small or on the periphery of stuff for the longest of times and in my coaching work I work with clients to figure out their “big” story and to allow their potential to unfold.

And now it’s time for me to follow what I am passionate about, what I believe I am good at and importantly in an area that can have impact for those involved… I suppose you might say to Make a Difference… It feels like a great melding of my Psych Masters, my 25 year corporate career and my radically shape-shifting time working for myself….

So I am hoping to use this blog as I navigate the labyrinth of research, interviews, focus groups, and then pulling all of this information into a cohesive, meaningful and impactful piece of work that I can share widely….


3 thoughts on “About Merle

  1. Hi Merle,
    Just emailing to try to make a time to meet. Sorry I wasn’t able to meet during Feb. How are you placed on 5 March (say 10am for coffee) or 9 March about 9:30. where are you based? We’ll pick a location that suits us both.

  2. The adventure of life is to learn
    The purpose of life is to grow
    The nature of life is to change
    The challenge of life is to overcome
    The essence of life is to care
    The opportunity of life is to serve
    The secret of life is to dare
    The spice of life is to befriend
    The beauty of life is to give

    William Arthur Ward 1921- 1994

    With best wishes for every success – go with the flow and take the curve, you never know what is around the corner.

    Smiles Di Bouchier (in Africa)

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