A deep sadness

I am ready to leave for Boot&Soul Camp and should be brimming with delight that we have a fabulous retreat planned with some wonderful women… the truth is I feel enormously sad having witnessed the brutal display of shadow and sabotage within Australia’s ruling party… My feeling is not about the politics or what Julia Gillard did or didn’t do as PM, rather it feels like a profound wound to all women aspiring to be in senior roles, like a profound wound to all women who seek leadership positions in government and corporate life, and like a profound wound to all men and women who have witnessed the relentless attacks on her as a woman… And then again there is all this juicy dark archetypal stuff to review this weekend…There is great article in the Telegraph today…

Boot&Soul Camp… number 3

Woohoo…we’re onto our third Boot&Soul Camp … Mel and I are very excited about our upcoming winter event at the end of June… Much easier to promote ourselves through the eyes of others… this from an attendee from last Boot&Soul camp: ” I doubt a weekend could have been more nourishing than Boot&Soul camp. It ticked every box. I left inspired and invigorated.” Let me know if you want more information or check out the brochure online.

Physical Patterns

I am getting ready for my trip to the USA… brimming with excitement about my five-day intensive with Jean Houston and my meeting with Carol Pearson… and of course seeing my sister, nephew and Lindley’s space in New Mexico… however I do have something I am wrestling with… each time I have a big journey (physically or metaphorically) I have some fairly dramatic physical “happening”… on leaving my corporate job (no shock here) I got shingles…last year before I headed out for my sojourn in Cape Town I was being tested for an auto-immune illness… just before Sri Lanka I had root canal… the day I drove down to run our first boot&soul camp I had another root canal…(what is it with my teeth!)… and now having experienced a strange pain in my lower right abdomen… I spent much of yesterday at ultrasounds and doctors and discovered that firstly I have ovarian cysts (which I understand are common) and then one of them burst… hence the pain… So as I set out on this journey I am taking with me this contemplation of changing the charge on travel and movement and my body…

Boot&Soul has a public outing

I was included in an article in the Sydney Morning Herald today… What an affirming moment for me… With my own strong Lover Archetype, I do look for affirmation outside of myself and am so delighted that the work I feel passionate about, has sufficient meaning and worth for Sarah to include… I feel like Curve of the World came of age 🙂

Reflecting on Boot&Soul Camp

Do you think I could make up a collective noun for a bunch of wombats? In my 22 years in Australia I have only seen a wombat in the wild once… the retreat seemed to be a magnet for these fat little barrels – so I decided on a plague of wombats… As for Boot&Soul Camp, there is something magical about stepping away from our day-to-day lives and going on retreat – whether you are the facilitator or a participant you actively step through a portal and transformation occurs in some way for all. It was an amazing few days with a beautiful group of women – generous, courageous, open and engaged… we ate healthily, worked hard, practised loads of yoga and also drank heaps of red wine, laughed like drains and gobbled plenty of chocolate… my sort of retreat really.

Boot&Soul Camp… it’s a full house

Emerging from my left brain piece of corporate work – how quickly I returned to my warrior woman… and only now getting into the spirit of boot&soul camp… we have a full house for this weekend which is very exciting… feeling my way from warrior to magician… Here’s to a fabulous and invigorating weekend…

A challenging dance

I talk constantly of engaging both sides of our brain…this beautiful holistic dance between our rational, logical side and our creative, innovative, percolating side… imagine my surprise to find myself scurrying frantically between my analytic, clear-thinking, corporate self – pretty clear expectations from a short contract role with nothing to innovate, nor create… just to do and deliver… and simultaneously preparing for Boot&Soul camp with my innovative and passionate self searching for clear air… not an altogether comfortable process :-).

Mind and Body and Growth

I spoke at a Women in Technology event last week on my current favourite issue the mind/body split. What continues to fascinate me is the number of women who approach me after I present, to share their somatic ailments brought on by corporate stress… I talked in my presentation how I think that yoga and mindfulness played a critical role in allowing me to navigate the demands of a corporate job and then the move into my own business.. and that it continues to offer me a profound way to ground myself, to manage my stress and of course I have included this passion into some of my corporate offerings.. so it is no surprise that yoga is bucking the recession trend … now I just need to see this growth in my Stiletto&Soul and Boot&Soul offerings :-)…