An Inspiring Night

A friend is the CEO of the Funding Network… It’s a new way of looking at philanthropy and supporting innovative social change projects… It’s based on the premise that we do many things together, but we don’t donate and celebrate together and philanthropy is not limited to the wealthy but that for as little as $100 each of us can make a significant difference…Last night she launched their first event in Australia – what an amazing achievement… about 150 people listening to the stories of 4 compelling projects that are making a tangible and meaningful difference – each of the projects got 6 minutes to pitch and the we got 6 minutes to ask questions…The aim to raise 10K for each of the 4 projects… My favourite and the one I supported was Food Within: Wings 2 Carry U…simple concept: allowing families to be able to pay what they can afford for healthy food… the founder built the social enterprise based on the challenges her family had faced when they were unable to feed themselves… Well done Lisa on an extremely successful launch and on raising more than 20K for each of these extraordinary grassroots programs!

Mary Robinson humbly inspiring

I went to a small gathering last night hosted by 1 Million Women, another inspiring story of grassroots power… The former Irish president and UN Human Rights Commissioner, Mary Robinson presented… she is a true elder in the world – wise, humble, entertaining and deeply humane… The Mary Robinson Foundation for Climate Justice gives a powerful voice to those most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change (usually poor and marginalised people in the developing world). Our sense of what is possible is stimulated and engaged when we meet people who appear to have become all that they might… Mary Robinson seems to be a shining example to us.

Can’t read another word

As COP 17 negotiations in Durban stumble to an end I can no longer read about, think about or discuss climate change and the baffling responses from governments around the world… whether it is developed nations protecting their industries or developing nations protecting theirs, I just have a profound sense of our loss and our inability to actually do anything… You do have to wonder at which point one of these annual climate change conferences will make a difference… perhaps when the hotel is flooded by rising sea-levels?

We have a carbon tax

I haven’t worked in the Environmental Sustainability area for almost a year but felt I had to comment on a landmark decision in Oz – our Carbon Tax has got the nod from the senate in a tight-won victory… this is a tax that has literally swept aside PMs and would-be PMs – a discussion that very few people can have without heated exchange 🙂 … … it seems fitting that this has happened on the eve of the next UN Climate Change conference in Durban… we all remember the possibility and hope that faded as the Copenhagen talks hobbled to an end a couple of years ago.. and all of this I write as a electrical storm pounds Sydney…