Loving the work of Brené Brown

Still on the Brené Brown path… in my usual overly passionate way I bought every book written by her I could find on Amazon and am now trawling through them… I love this gem… ” When we stop caring about what people think, we lose our capacity for connection. When we become defined by what people think, we lose our willingness to be vulnerable. If we dismiss all the criticism, we lose out on important feedback, but if we subject ourselves to the hatefulness, our spirits get crushed. It’s a tightrope, shame resilience is the balance bar, and the safety net below is the one or two people in our lives who can help us reality-check the criticism and cynicism.” Working through 360s for a number of clients this provides such a perfect and gentle framework from which to view the feedback, which for some can be really confronting.

exploring an idea

have you ever just felt an idea needs to be explored… in my case my intuitive sense is that the idea has enormous merit but at the moment feels a little uncontained and am trying to break my thinking into bite-sized chunks… there is this magnetic pull to at least review and take a look at the business implications. It matter less to me as to whether it comes to fruition and more about the research and the examination in a thoughtful and methodical manner… an invigorating change for me. Interestingly it involves technology and of course incorporates what I am passionate about – women and leadership and developing that holy grail of senior women in organisations… Any ideas on a what makes a compelling and stand-out business plan will be most welcome 🙂

The Balanced Leader

Creating this work focusing on energy centres has been such a fabulous creative process – it just feels right… I now have to trust others believe and value its merits… And in the words of Einstein: “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and we have forgotten the gift.” My goal with this work is to celebrate the intuitive, the right brain, our inner knowing and the individual’s deep capacity to blossom into a transformative leader.

A mirror onto what I want I am hoping to do…

As I continue to think about how I refine my offering and keeping it simple and digestible… I also ponder whether what I want to do really has the legs and the importance for people and organisations… and then something happens and I know so deeply that focusing on the whole person is actually critical for our own resilience and for that of the corporation… so here’s the “something” from yesterday… I spent two pretty gruelling days in Melbourne and finally flopped into a cab late yesterday. As always getting a taxi in Melbourne is difficult and waiting for a cab when I stepped into mine, was a young woman, so I invited her to share the ride to the airport… We ended up chatting about what we do and she listened intently to my story and then recounted that she had been a senior Sales Director with a well-known global online brand for 7 years – knew the business, managed people, was highly successful and managed to work incredibly calmly under pressure… until… a tiny thing brought to her attention on her day off, sparked a massive panic attack… she resigned, went to Bali, did yoga, learned how to breathe… and has a year later just taken a new and exciting job… It was as if I needed a real-life example of a young talented woman whose somatic response actually was the propellant to move her out the company… I’d like to talk that organisation and work out the cost of her departure, impact on her team, loss of IP, etc etc… So Curve of the World is still on track about the Integrated Person… mental, emotional, values and physical… Now all I have to do is continue to breathe deeply.

Leading women

I am currently creating a presentation focusing on leadership and talent management specifically around women… what is fascinating is that as I research and finalise the content I am struck by what I know intuitively is also reflected in the literature… that we consciously and clearly articulate the need for women at senior levels, for more female CEOs and for greater diversity on boards but our unconscious biases hamper this as we recruit, select, develop and promote our leaders… I guess now more than ever I want to work in this area…

Destiny doesn’t have trumpets

No trumpets sound
when the important decisions
of our life are made.
Destiny is made known silently.

Agnes DeMille

It is such a beautiful piece that talks a lot to my ability (or more truthfully my inability) to see new shoots of beginnings and to notice the progress and to celebrate the steps forward… yesterday I showed my new brochure to someone I have only just met and held my breath in anticipation – he loved the brand and the content and said how difficult and lengthy the process is to distill your personal marketing content… And it was a real moment of celebrating a step along the way…

Another Accreditation

I just finished two days of additional accreditation – this time in the Hogan Assessment which was kindly gifted to me by Peter Berry… So now I feel as I exit this year that I have augmented my coaching and consulting frameworks with several personality inventories, values-based assessments and culture transformation tools… all I need now is my inner sales person who is in hiding and I think may be under witness protection somewhere to appear… so I can stride into 2012 and make Curve of the World a viable business for me… 🙂

An endless refrain

I know I keep saying how amazingly generous many people have been to me on this year’s journey but it still makes my heart sing… today I had breakfast with Harvey who I’ve known for my entire corporate life but have had little to do with over the last 10 years (albeit with different organisations, we both worked around 20 years for one IT corporate and left our respective jobs around the same time)… he is now the CEO of ClickView, an entrepreneurial organisation