Boot&Soul Camp… number 3

Woohoo…we’re onto our third Boot&Soul Camp … Mel and I are very excited about our upcoming winter event at the end of June… Much easier to promote ourselves through the eyes of others… this from an attendee from last Boot&Soul camp: ” I doubt a weekend could have been more nourishing than Boot&Soul camp. It ticked every box. I left inspired and invigorated.” Let me know if you want more information or check out the brochure online.

Boot&Soul has a public outing

I was included in an article in the Sydney Morning Herald today… What an affirming moment for me… With my own strong Lover Archetype, I do look for affirmation outside of myself and am so delighted that the work I feel passionate about, has sufficient meaning and worth for Sarah to include… I feel like Curve of the World came of age šŸ™‚

Reflecting on Boot&Soul Camp

Do you think I could make up a collective noun for a bunch of wombats? In my 22 years in Australia I have only seen a wombat in the wild once… the retreat seemed to be a magnet for these fat little barrels – so I decided on a plague of wombats… As for Boot&Soul Camp, there is something magical about stepping away from our day-to-day lives and going on retreat – whether you are the facilitator or a participant you actively step through a portal and transformation occurs in some way for all. It was an amazing few days with a beautiful group of women – generous, courageous, open and engaged… we ate healthily, worked hard, practised loads of yoga and also drank heaps of red wine, laughed like drains and gobbled plenty of chocolate… my sort of retreat really.

Mind and Body and Growth

I spoke at a Women in Technology event last week on my current favourite issue the mind/body split. What continues to fascinate me is the number of women who approach me after I present, to share their somatic ailments brought on by corporate stress… I talked in my presentation how I think that yoga and mindfulness played a critical role in allowing me to navigate the demands of a corporate job and then the move into my own business.. and that it continues to offer me a profound way to ground myself, to manage my stress and of course I have included this passion into some of my corporate offerings.. so it is no surprise that yoga is bucking the recession trend … now I just need to see this growth in my Stiletto&Soul and Boot&Soul offerings :-)…

Boot&Soul Camp… the journey continues

We just finalised our Boot&Soul Camp for November which is very exciting… now we need to attract 12 fabulous women… Brochure is underway and we’ll have our marketing ready within the fortnight… We also may have an opportunity to run a bespoke event for a corporate group of left-brain, analytic women to set their right brains free… fingers crossed.