A Full Moon in Pisces

Last night there was this magical view from my office of the rising full moon over the cityscape (albeit a grainy photo)… Always on a full moon I contemplate what I need to shed and at the moment the mirror back to me is about letting go of the incessant worry and instead to hold an internal vision, believing in the miraculous and allowing a new order for myself to manifest… And perhaps this is a reminder for many of us… to be vigilant about where we place our attention and to be aware of how we fill our time, how we nourish our minds, how we engage with the world around us…

Socks from the universe

or maybe just bad housekeeping…:-) I left all my socks at the spa and so I rang a friend and said when he came to visit yesterday he needed to loan me a pair of his as I wanted my last promenade along the mighty Atlantic… A while later I saw lying under the curtain a pair of man’s socks that obviously the cleaners hadn’t found but I had… and as is my way I had to give it profound meaning… that I asked the universe (read my friend) for help (socks) and it provided immediately (someone else’s lost pair)… Now much to my own mirth I am trying to work out the metaphor of socks and the universe as I pack to leave the mother city… filled with gratitude and joy for my magical time here… I wonder what awaits me next – more socks?