11 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hello My Lovely Merli

    I wanted to wish you the very best of all life has to offer for a milestone birthday.

    As mine fast approaches I feel grateful for all that I have.

    Strangely turning 50 makes me want to be out there more than ever before, it seems that is the case for you as well from what I am reading from your blog.

    I wish you every happiness and safe travels and hope to hear from you soon.

    Hell it’s hard to see the keyboard without glasses though!

    your friend always

  2. Hello Merlie!
    I sit at my desk this morning surrounded by packing boxes as the removalists trundle everything from the studio into storage! Oh my gosh! I have made the decision to create a shift for many reasons that I wont go into here. It feels positive, light, new, scary, uncertain; the beginning signs of change no doubt. This move frees me up financially which is wonderful, and I accepted an offer into a clinic with a team of wonderful practitioners in Edgecliff which I am very humbled and thankful for. With unfulfilled projects ‘out of sight’ I make time my body’s friend, and gently move into a commitment there. I’m also glad to say travel is on the agenda which is also out of my comfort zone, as it’s been so long since I’ve had a good trip away.
    So my dear, I decided to check out your blog as I sit here while the loading up is going on. I skimmed through briefly, but overall I can see you have been on an adventure. How wonderful.
    Look forward to hearing more when you return home. All the very best to you on the remainder of your journey overseas.
    Lots of love from home. Fenella

  3. Merleeee – you’re nearly home!

    Reading your blog, I feel that I’m re-living my Cape Town sojourn vicariously though you! I can smell the Atlantic, see the sunsets and taste those yummy-greasy-tasty samosas.

    Can’t wait to see you home darling one and fill you in on the world of training.

    Special wishes

    Lisa xxx

  4. Hi Merlie
    So sorry about Issy. He is just the most amazing spririt. Made such a huge impression on all of us. Hope the next few days are not too difficult.
    Love and all our kisses,
    Anya and Dirk, Jas and Katoo

  5. Do You recall that You have been in Greece in 1986 on the island of Samos? That was the time there was still “Apartheid” in South-Africa. If so let me know. Best wishes.

  6. Yes 30 years ago and still thinking of the beach called Psilli Ammos. Life can be full of unexpected wonders. And now You live Down Under and still travelling. I hope You have success with your ventures but most important that You are happy!

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